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Great for Personal and Corporate Gifts and Baking!

Wynnton Hardware has the freshest pecans anywhere in the country. Purchase from certified processors, our pecans are stored in own coolers to maintain freshness.


Mix & Match Your Top Quality Pecans and

Choose Your Quantity!
Our Top, Grade A quality pecans are now available

in smaller sizes! Our 4 oz. size is perfect

for those smaller gifts and snacks you might need.


Our delicious selections include:
Chocolate Covered Pecans - $3.99
White Chocolate Covered Pecans - $3.99
Praline Pecans - $3.99
Roasted Salted Pecans - $3.99
Elliott Pecan Snacks (4 oz.) - $2.99

Of course, our larger sizes are still available
as well.


Five Reasons Our Quality Pecans Are The Best
1. Top Variety, Grade A Quality
2. Our pecans are purchased ONLY from

    growers and extractors.
3. We search for our pecans to guarantee freshness.
4. We provide a selection of sizes in ServSafe

    packaging, inspected by the Ga. Dept. of 

5. Health, safety and value is important to us!


Pecans for sale columbus ga

Place a Pecan Order for Nationwide Shipping

Wynnton Hardware ships fresh "New Crop" pecans all over the United States. You can select pecans

ready-to-eat in clear sealed 12 oz. containers, or whole pecans in the shell.

The ordering process is easy and all orders are shipped FedEx.

Call 706-323-3000 or email to discuss your order with us.

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